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MINI Watches

MINI, an un-paralleled success story, exciting, unconventional and full of ideas. Your heart beats faster, the adrenaline is pumping and everything else is forgotten. Excitement is in the heart of MINI, always unconventional and full of ideas – pure lust for life. The fact that MINI is regarded as a person – a friend – the world over is perhaps the brand’s most valuable asset – MINI is more than a car

An original with a high recognition value and a distinctive design that makes it stand out from the crowd. MINI has always been able to infuse new life into its brand, excelling in areas as diverse as clothing line, bicycle, bags, gift and premium items. Wherever MINI takes its taste and talent, its products always echo the glory of the trendy design and pursuit of excellence, which are central to MINI’s creation concepts.

Apart from their legendary business, nowadays, MINI towards the international expansion through its passion and supreme craftsmanship that it is now officially engaged passionately into a new lovable product – Swiss Watches.


Acestar Concept Limited is a leading company in the watch industry with international distribution and businesses, with offices in Hong Kong and China. Our vision is to lead our licensed watch brands to become one of the best in the industry. At the same time, we strive to deliver the best quality and services to consumers on a global basis.


Ms Esther Wong, our President and founder, is currently the chairman of the Hong Kong Watch Industry Association and has many years of experience in international brant marketing and marketing.

Mr Gabriel Au, another founder, was the Chairman of the Watch Federation in 2012 2013. He also has tremendous manufacturing and engineering experience in the development and production of high end Swiss made watches.

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